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Cheap car wrapping ???

Cheap materials ?

When it comes to car wrapping few things that you need to make sure is best:
- wrapping company
- materials used
- preparation of the car before vinyl wrapping

Professionals like us, Skinwrap only use the finest products and materials to prepare your car for vinyl wrapping and the best vinyls available such as: 3M, Arlon, Avery. The vinyls we use are flexible, the colour doesnt fade with time, they protect the paint from wheather and stone chips and they are easily removable with no bad effect on paint of your car, when with cheap vinyls it is likely that the vinyl comes off with the paint.

cheap car wrapping

Each car needs to be specially prepared and cleaned to remove all dirt, dust, grease and car care products, so after washing the car our team use special Avery liquid car cleaner that leaves the surface of the car clear of any excess impurities. Some of the cars needs a bodywork service as dents and scratches are not allowed for professional car wrapping. Also easily removable parts of the car needs to be taken off, for example: mirrors, lights, door handles, grille, badges, window trims to make sure the vinyl wrapping is done perfectly and correctly, as below you will see how badly can wrong company go with vehicle wrapping and what damage it cause for car paint and ... your pocket.

cheap car wrapping

What to avoid when you want to wrap your car:
- Cheap vinyl - bad technique and bad quality vinyl that does not stretch well enough will be pulled back up forced by tension, incorrect and misshaped, soon it will crack making a hole.
- Join - when the vinyl installer is lazy or bad in what he does, you will see join where there is no need and no explaination for such thing as each panel of the vehicle must be wrapped out of one piece with no exceptions.
- Trimming and Careless vinyl cutting - bad cut and scratch marks on paint and uneven cuts caused by careless installer will make you pay even more for bodywork and new paint.
- Creases and vinyl shrinking - bad vinyl application, cheap vinyl and careless vehicle cleaning cause creases and shrinking along the edges mostly what makes the car look hideous.

You have been warned by Skinwrap : if you still want cheaper quote from bad installers - dont expect quality, as you will pay twice.

About us

We are the company specialised in car wrapping, van signs, vehicle branding London, wheels renovation and windows tinting, but also we do full vehicle wrapping, interior trim wrapping, trailers wrapping, bodywork that is required to be perfect before car wrapping and custom cars audio for those customers with higher expectations.


We are based in  London and especially for busy Londoners but not only, we created a company where you can do a total make-over of your car into your dreamed car in one go instead of visiting many different companies and places, spending lots of money and time chasing for the best place and resonable prices.


Our team is dedicated to what they do and take care of all details. We keep the highest standards as we are passionate about what we do and constantly developing our skills using the best materials onthe market. We always make sure to have our wraps completed quickly and efficiently. Company is based in London with our branch in Milton Keynes.


Car Wrapping ?

Skinwrap was founded by one of the youngest but best skilled team of people in London with Ralph as a company dorector.
For almost 10 years Skinwrap has worked closely with leading manufacturers such as Avery Dennison, 3M, Arlon, APA helping to develop latest vehicle wrapping techniques with finest materials  to achive best results at every time making all of our customers happy to come back again and again. 
So make the right choice and call Skinwrap for CAR WRAPPING PRICE on T: 07791382538. Remember that CAR WRAP can go wrong when made by inexperienced technician or when sub-standard materials used.
Skinwrap is a professional team for CAR SIGNSand VAN SIGNS



Rolls Royce Black Chrome Wrapping

Rolls Royce Wraith Coupe Wrapping – Skin Wrap excellence presented in its true glory!

Rolls Royce Black Chrome

As some of you may know, a stunningly beautiful Rolls Royce Wraith Coupe has been recently entrusted to the professionals at the SkinWrap Company. As it has turns out, its owner has not been fully satisfied with the original color of the vehicle and has decided to transform his luxurious car into a sporty and mysterious beast that will be even more recognizable on the street. Fun fact – the car was painted with 6 layers of varnish in the company of origin! It means that the base is quite solid and there is virtually no possibility of encountering a horrifying white spot after the car is being scratched or slightly damaged. Nevertheless, such a protection, as well as an already exquisite look have not been satisfactory for the client of SkinWrap. He has told us that he has considered the color choice for quite some time. Ultimately, he has made up his mind and decided to combine two beautiful hues of black – Black Chrome and Black Satin

Bentley Continental GT wrapp - Wicked 3M

Your car surely does hold a special place in your heart, doesn’t it? It is used on everyday basis to transport you to your workplace, home, shops, entertainment areas, and other objects alike. However, after some time, it may become bland and uninteresting, resulting in your frustration and the increasing willingness to change it for something new. Thanks to the cooperation with our company, you do not need to spend thousands of pounds on purchasing an entirely new vehicle. You can simply transform your own automobile into a drivable work of art thanks to car wrap! We utilize only top quality tested materials for car wrapping, so you can be sure that the layer applied to your vehicle will not only look breathtakingly good, but it will also be durable, so there will be no rips, tears, or other physical damages caused by the constant usage of the car or the outcomes of adverse weather conditions.

Come to us and we will show you the list of most fashionable and alluring car wraps, thanks to which your car will surely stand out from the crowd of other vehicles that can be observed while driving to school, work, or home. You will become a local star thanks to our help!
Last job - Bentley Continental GT wrapp - Wicked 3M