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Window tinting London

Skinwrap team is one of the experts in window tinting in London with over 10 years of experience in this field. Over the years we have learned that the most important thing to get top quality window tinting is a good comunication with the customers. With best tinting foils in the global market, thousands of jobs done and years of experience we provide the best windows tinting service in London with lifetime warranty? on most projects ( depends on customers criteria ). Skinwrap does windows tinting in top quality without removing the glass and made of one piece of foil. Individual consultation with the client in regards to choose required tinting film results in full success every time. We use only top quality attested foil and we are here for you when you need to replace any window tint in case of accidental damage. A full window film line consisting of our High Performance, Ultra Performance, Carbon, Shade, Ultra, Security, and Ceramic series all made-in-the-USA of the highest quality materials. Ceramic and Carbon films are metallic free to ensure trouble free use of cell phone, GPS, satellite radio, tire pressure monitors.

Foils offered by Skinwrap:
- no blinding sunshine
- no blinding car lights during the night
- keep your car cooler during the hot days
- prevents your car upholstery colour from fading out.

Foils offered by us:
- have a minimum 7 years manufacture warranty, and with the appropriate cleaning we ensure their longer life
- will not lose the colour, even after long period of time
- has an SR layer which is scratch resistant
- stops harmful UV rays
- prevents the interior colours from fading out
- increases the AC functionality
- helps to cool down your car in hot days
- increases windows resistance
- it's available in different transparency